600 sq. feet of Queen Anne heaven

When Michael and I made the decision to downsize from 1800+ sq. feet of country living space, to a smidge less than 600 sq. feet in the city, it forced us to re-prioritize and live with less. This past July we bid adieu to our first home famously dubbed “the barn” and embraced city living in Queen Anne, a charming suburb of Seattle.


then – house

IMG_0172 IMG_0481 IMG_0583

now – condo


(yikes what a mess, I absolutely loathe moving!)

The style of our first home was very shabby chic, country cottage, and rustic. I went through a major design shift from modern to shabby chic, and changed everything we owned to fit my new aesthetic. BIG MISTAKE. If you’re anything like me, I quickly grew tired of my shabby chic decor and gravitated toward a balance. Thanks to marathons of HGTV, and amazing design blogs and magazines, I became inspired to find my style and create a blended happy medium. When we moved, we virtually sold and donated everything to fit inside our comparatively bite-sized condo. So out with the old (most of it at least…)


…and in with the new. This go around I am learning from past experiences and seizing the opportunity to outline the style and look I want. Every time I shop, I vow to only purchase things I absolutely love and can’t live without. After all, space is valuable in the city.

If I had to tag my design style in a few words I would describe it as:

  • minimalist
  • industrial
  • hints of rustic
  • mid-century modern
  • eclectic
  • Scandinavian
  • white, dotted by colorful and textured accents

Our 600 sq. feet of Queen Anne heaven is a continuous work in progress. My design sense and style will continually change and evolve, but in the meantime, I am enjoying the process. The design process is part of the  journey. I don’t want a space that feels decorated, rather a casual, inviting space that is carefully curated and collected. Stay tuned for progress pictures of our condo!

I am kicking off the New Year learning to live simply, edit and curate my belongings, and appreciate every detail. How are you starting off 2014?


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