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I am a neat freak. I crave order and organization, and frequent trips to container stores. I consider my label maker a toy and lifesaver. My name is Kristin, and I am slightly OCD (kidding). But in all honestly, don’t you just love a good, organized space?

via chutzpah.com

via Chutzpah

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via The Everygirl

Since I can’t afford pricey trips to the Container Store, I find thrifty, yet classy alternatives. In 600 sq. feet, staying clutter-free and having a designated home for each item is important. I don’t have the luxury of redundancy, junk or mess because there’s nowhere to hide it – positive accountability, I like to call it.

I found these stylish IKEA finds on my most recent trip. They provide clean, white, simple design for various storage needs. The bins are pretty durable, have a subtle gloss and satisfy my love for all things white.

IKEA storage solutions

  • PLUGGIS bins [$7.99] – I love the sleek, clean design of the PLUGGIS line. And in shiny, glossy white, what’s not to love for the price?
  • PALLRA box with lid [$9.99] – The stackable jewelry box provides ample storage, a pop of color and lined with a fun print. Add it to your dresser or vanity for a playful, vibrant punch.


Here are other IKEA lines that I am vying for:

  • KVARNVIK box with lid [$16.99] – A bit pricier but the timeless gray color and hardware makes it worth it. The larger frame makes it versatile for storing everything from DVDs and cables, to makeup and brushes.
  • FORHOJA box, set of 4 [$14.99] – Keep your desk and office supplies tidy with this chic set. The birch color has a lovely Scandinavian, organic feel.


More pics to come of how I incorporated these chic storage solutions into my apartment.

Nothing like starting with a clean slate. I could organize for days with these pretty and pocketbook friendly storage solutions. Thanks IKEA!


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