a la lovely labels

To say that I love organization is an understatement.

I am slightly OCD, a compulsive Goodwill frequenter, and shamelessly proud of it. My hubbs says I have issues with getting rid of things meaning I err on the side of tossing it. I have the unique ability to get rid of almost anything and lack a sentimental bone in my body.

Our condo downsize continually teaches me to truly love everything around me and choose quality. Be content with less.


In my effort to simplify and compartmentalize our life into 600 sq. feet, organization is key. I can devote an entire shopping trip to organization – containers, boxes, compartmentalizers, trays, files, folders, etc. Anyone else completely on the same page as me?

Look at these lovely OCD pics as I like to call them…


via trendenser


via Better Homes


via House of Ernest

…now tell me you don’t like order.

My most recent finds entail a few simple items:

[The Goods]




via i heart organizing

I simply added the labels to my World Market makeshift bar cart and used my label maker to write cool words. It adds a whole new custom look for less than $5. I’m loving the brass and metal combo too!

bar cart


bar cart


As for the magazine files, they are amazing quality (a bit pricey) but at least they come with labels. For these puppies simply type away on your label maker and adhere. Voila!

mag fileswritereadmag files


Thanks Martha for creating lovely labels and pretty organizers.

Reason 7839567123 why I love labels. and organization.

It just takes a little but mighty magical label maker.


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