condo progress take two – media center

The condo is a continual work in progress. You can view the first installment of our condo here, you certainly don’t want to miss out on the hospital green walls and cobalt blue pendant lights.

But…as with everything, you have to celebrate the little victories. Our most recent addition is our media center.

Although we vowed to choose quality over quantity, desperation got the best of us and we caved – or rather our pocketbook did. After the Hubbs vowed to never ever assemble another piece of IKEA furniture, he wound up spending last Saturday flipping through the pictorial illustrations of the odd little IKEA men instruction book. You all know what I’m talking about.

It gets me every time.


We opted out of saving up for a West Elm/CB2/Crate and Barrel media center, and chose the higher rode – instant gratification in the form of IKEA BESTA TV storage combination. I can’t find the exact product online (perhaps because there’s like a zillion possible combinations) but here’s a couple of examples:


besta-tv-storage-combination__0183463_PE334494_S4We ended up purchasing the 2 cabinet system option, 2 doors, glass top, and 6 modern chrome legs, for a grand total of [$140]. With that price, it’s really hard to beat.

The white gloss finish and modern chrome legs tie in the modern lines of the couch while balancing our rustic, industrial table and traditional nailhead linen chairs.

[PROGRESS] – not yet styled but here’s an ideaProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Along the way I found this lovely beauty at Crate and Barrel – Willa Raven side chair originally [$149] but purchased the floor model for just [$49]. It’s seen better days, but with a few minor scuffs the hubbs says it has added “character.” #soomature


I actually quite like the black, country style in contrast to the mod glossy white cabinet. I plan to do a little DIY dip dye style and paint the lower half of the legs gold, and add a sheepskin rug for texture and cozy appeal, like this:

DIY dip dyed table chasing shiny objects

DIY dip dyed table chasing shiny objects

sheepskin draped chair via the little room of style

sheepskin draped chair via the little room of style

As for our media center, I love a good IKEA hack and am thinking of adding either overlays or leather pulls for a custom finish. Here is my amazing inspo:

via my overlays

via my overlays

via sugar & cloth

via sugar & cloth

Oh the possibilities.

Now that I have the bones of my media cove carved out, I can’t wait to finish it. Just a few DIY projects, some artwork, a garden stool or accent table and I’m good to go. I might even purchase another system to create added vertical storage and some height.

DIY media center projects to follow!


…everything in it’s place

OCD - quote

I am a neat freak. I crave order and organization, and frequent trips to container stores. I consider my label maker a toy and lifesaver. My name is Kristin, and I am slightly OCD (kidding). But in all honestly, don’t you just love a good, organized space?


via Chutzpah

OCD - wire basket

via Rue Magazine


via The Everygirl

Since I can’t afford pricey trips to the Container Store, I find thrifty, yet classy alternatives. In 600 sq. feet, staying clutter-free and having a designated home for each item is important. I don’t have the luxury of redundancy, junk or mess because there’s nowhere to hide it – positive accountability, I like to call it.

I found these stylish IKEA finds on my most recent trip. They provide clean, white, simple design for various storage needs. The bins are pretty durable, have a subtle gloss and satisfy my love for all things white.

IKEA storage solutions

  • PLUGGIS bins [$7.99] – I love the sleek, clean design of the PLUGGIS line. And in shiny, glossy white, what’s not to love for the price?
  • PALLRA box with lid [$9.99] – The stackable jewelry box provides ample storage, a pop of color and lined with a fun print. Add it to your dresser or vanity for a playful, vibrant punch.


Here are other IKEA lines that I am vying for:

  • KVARNVIK box with lid [$16.99] – A bit pricier but the timeless gray color and hardware makes it worth it. The larger frame makes it versatile for storing everything from DVDs and cables, to makeup and brushes.
  • FORHOJA box, set of 4 [$14.99] – Keep your desk and office supplies tidy with this chic set. The birch color has a lovely Scandinavian, organic feel.


More pics to come of how I incorporated these chic storage solutions into my apartment.

Nothing like starting with a clean slate. I could organize for days with these pretty and pocketbook friendly storage solutions. Thanks IKEA!